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                                               Tony Olson is an American author, and freelance political writer.

                                            He focuses primarily on "hot button" political issues, which he                                             addresses from both a serious and satirical angle. His quick wit                                             and engaging personality make him an enjoyable speaker and  

                                               In his book Spin Game, Olson focuses on uncovering the facts                                                   surrounding the most controversial political issues in America.                                                        His work exposes media bias, scandals, and unethical political

                                            tactics. In all, Tony spent a year and a half writing his book,

                                            amassing more than twenty volumes of research material.
                                               Originally a Democrat, Olson began a shift to the right while in his thirties, citing an increasing awareness of the damage being caused by liberal policies. Over the years, Tony continued to increase his knowledge of politics, economics, and science as they relate to the well-being of the American public. Spin Game is the first in a series of books dedicated to the education of the voting public and future generations of voters.

  Tony was born in Lewiston,Idaho in 1958. He was adopted at six days old and raised in Weiser,Idaho by his adoptive parents, Orval "Ole" Olson and Josephine Olson. He attended Weiser High School, Carroll College, and Boise State University. He currently lives in Boise,Idaho with his wife, Justina. They have two children, Amanda and Payton.