*Expand your political knowledge

* Increase your confidence level

* Strengthen your political dialog

* Put you in control of political discussions

This is a handbook for taking back our country. It is factual,
easy to read, and easy to understand. Facts have the ability
to unite those with opposing viewpoints. Spin Game may do more to establish political common ground than any book in recent history.


SPIN GAME  -  Exposing Political Lies AND TACTics


Red StagPublishing

   Spin Game is a roller-coaster ride through the world of

political ploys and media manipulation. You will be

enlightened, shocked, and disturbed.But, you will emerge

with more than enough ammunition to make you a

political warrior.

   Knowledge is power. Those who know the facts will

always control political discourse. Unfortunately, the

information we receive from the majority of media sources

is biased. It is often edited to conform to a very specific

agenda. Spin Game exposes numerous instances of media

bias and unethical political tactics. It uncovers the facts that

the mainstream media fails to report.

   Whether you are seventeen or seventy, this book will be

an eye-opener. Much of the information contained in this

book is unknown to the majority of the American public. As

a result, public opinion - which relies heavily on media input - has been compromised.

   Spin Game will give you the facts. Each chapter addresses a different political issue in an interesting and provocative manner. A "Talking Points"section is also included for quick reference. This book will: