"Finally, a book with all of the sources of the real truth is out there. No longer does one have to take the lies and propaganda from the liberal media and their talking heads, nor go through countless sites to reinforce their position on so many hot topics. We will now have a one-stop book that will help us to educate the uniformed, who are so easily persuaded with photo ops, sound bites, and catch phrases. Mr. Olson does a great job of taking all of this information and putting it together in a logical and smooth format. If you are looking for the meat and potatoes, and not the tofu, here it is. This is a book that the media needs to read. Do yourself a favor, read Spin Game, and prepare to have your eyes opened."

                                                                                        - J.D.   San Diego,Ca

"Bravo!! This is excellent. You have a great talent in being able to take a potentially 'unexciting' topic and make it so tangible and readable. It was a pleasure to read. I am absolutely with you. I wish that those who get tied up in the emotion of it all, and forget about the facts, would stop to read your book and be able to engage in intelligent discussion. Well done!


                                                                                       - K.T.    Sun Valley,Id

" The chapter on climate change does a remarkable job of showing the serious flaws in the current rush to judgement on this issue.

The author provides numerous citations to factual evidence, and his discussion of the issues show the real danger of basing public policy on improper conclusions."

                                                                                       - T.A.   Portland,OR

                                                                                          Retired Visiting Professor of Law   Lewis and Clark Law School


"Olson gives us the truth and the facts, which are not at all what the American people are being told. Tony has done his research thoroughly, and his facts are well documented. I not only want to read the rest of his book . . . I have to. Spin Gamedelivers."


                                                                                       - L.R.    Star,Id

"First of all, WOW! The chapter on racism was powerful and captivating. I was really amazed at the amount of information I didn't know. Americans need to take their blinders off and really see our media and government for what it "isn't. Brilliant."


                                                                                       - J. B.   Bellvue,WA


" This is the most complete compilation of political facts I have read. I found it to be very useful literature for future debates. Our world would be well-served to pay attention to these facts and use them to educate others. The author does a superb job of sorting through the spin and conjecture, and exposing the agendas of the political opportunists and media. This book is an epic read."


                                                                                       - J. L.   Snyder,TX


Spin Game has some of the most researched and well-documented chapters I have read. The author does a knockout job of exposing the corrupt tactics of the media, and those who claim to be promoting scientific thought. The amount of facts that prove the spin and corruption are overwhelming. The information is laid out very methodically, and the author presents the facts in a professional and winsome way that makes the book very interesting. This is investigative journalism at it's best. I highly recommend Spin Game to every thinking American."


                                                                                      - S. H.   Roseburg,OR


" Excellent reading. It would be nice to see this book and others like it in the public school libraries and classrooms to provide the kids with some balance. It's amazing that so many people are oblivious to the facts. This book does an excellent job of providing them."


                                                                                      - K. D.    Helena,MT

"A profoundly insightful view of politically motivated media manipulation. The author has written an eye-opening expose' of reality. He answers questions that the public fears asking. Tony Olson has done his homework! The research is comprehensive, and the message is thought provoking. The reader is inspired to be pro-active."

                                                                                       - M. W.   Weiser,ID


" I found it well-written, thought provoking, and insightful, to say the least. I find it hard for someone to dispute the facts presented in this book. It was also easy to read and follow. This inspires me."


                                                                                       - M. T.   Marathon City,WI

"Tony Olson hits the nail on the head. Even the most diehard liberal wouldn't be able to make a good argument if confronted with the wealth of facts Tony presents. Spin Gameputs in writing what every liberal needs to know."

                                                                                       - J.L.     Boise,ID

Olson does an excellent job of presenting the facts and documentation challenging the "spin” the media applies to the topics that define our time. He directly addresses political and societal “hot button issues”; refuting the narrative we are often told to accept. No matter which side of the political spectrum you are on, this book will provoke discussion and many will find it controversial. Spin Game is a good addition to anyone’s library who finds themselves concerned about the future.

                                                                                      - R.H.   Corvallis,OR

I am not a native of America, but am deeply disturbed by the direction the country has been and is heading. Spin Game is not just a breath of fresh air, but a call to action. Spin Game is a rare product in the political genre, a book that is not only well researched and documented, it reads easily and forces us to examine the issues that impact our daily lives. Each chapter yields a treasure trove of well-documented information that educates and stirs one's mind and soul to do something for the good of all.

                                                                                      -S.A.    Republic of Singapore

I don't read a lot of non-fiction, but heard this was a very factual, well written, and highly researched book. From the first paragraph, I was hooked. The subject matter is all very well backed up with scientific data and research. Mr. Olson lays out the facts in an easy to read and comprehend manner. Highly recommend this book to anyone who has questions.... From climate change to gun control. Finally a book with common sense!!!

                                                                                    - J.A.   Pueblo,CO


"I wasn't surprised Tony's book, Spin Game, hit Amazon's bestseller's list.It did surprise and delight me to see the book become a bestseller in five categories.The amount of research Tony put into the book, along with his conversational writing style, told me people would be intrigued and then follow through with making a purchase. Becoming a bestseller is a big deal, as most people can imagine. What you need to consider that makes this even more impressive is that every writer's book is up against nearly three million other titles in the fight for visibility. In just one category where Spin Game reached bestseller status, the book was in competition with nearly 900,000 similar works.

I don't take on every writer who approaches me.What tipped me in favor of signing a contract was seeing how well he writes and how thoroughly he researches. I'm happy I made that decision, for it's been a joy to work on the book and then see it climb to success. I couldn't have asked for a better partnership in making that happen."

                                                                                        - Linda Stirling       Editor 


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